Expenses entry via PC, Mac, Phone or Tablet

Easy, friendly, straight forward expenses entry system supports PCs and mobile devices including iPhone 4-6, iPad, Android & Windows phones and tablets.

Manager approval

With expense approval, managers can review, approve, hold, reject and disallow employee expenses, and with auto alerts managers know when there are expenses to approve and employees know when expenses have been rejected or when they have items waiting to be submitted.

Attach Receipts

From your phone, tablet or PC Web Cam, you can take a photo of a receipt and turn it into an expense claim. So, whether employees are entertaining a customer, filling up with gas or catching train, they can snap a receipt and log the expense wherever they are.

Multi Currency

Foreign currency expenses can be complex and confusing for employees, but not with Timewatch. With our multi-currency module users can enter foreign currency expenses simply and easily.

Fast, streamlined, easy to use

Fully responsive system adapts to the device users use. Expenses entry is super easy on traditional PCs & MACs, and mobile users can take advantage of their touch devices: swipe to view different days or weeks, tap to view or amend an expense, take a photo with the inbuilt camera and attach it as a receipt! it’s that easy. There’s also a dashboard at that shows current expenses value to be posted and items awaiting approval.

Included with

Expenses functionality is included in the following products:
Time®&Money and Time&Space®.

Perfect on all Devices

Timewatch mobile timesheet apps were built from the ground up to take full advantage of touch screens, swipe gestures and online connectivity.

Users will love the slick design that fuses reporting and data within the same user interface. Gone are the boring data grids and endless lists of our competitors, instead touch sensitive charts and graphs allow users to query and enter data at the tap of a finger.

Our mobile apps are fully Responsive in that they adapt perfectly for all screen sizes from small phones like the iPhone 4 to larger phones such as the Galaxy 5S & Note, Nokia 1520 and iPhone 6’s, as well as full sized Tablets.

What devices does it support?

Timewatch mobile timesheet supports Apple phones and tablets, Samsung 4&5S & Note phones, most Android phones and tablets, all Windows Phones and tablets including Surface 1 & 2 and all Surface Pro’s.

How is it installed?

Timewatch mobile apps are a new breed of web apps that do not require to be downloaded from an App Store. Once your service is setup, simply go to the login page via the web browser and on Apple and the latest Android phones the app will install itself on your home screen (on Windows Phones you’ll have to do this manually).

Is it stand alone?

The mobile timesheet app works in conjunction with a backend server where employees, customers and jobs/projects are setup, managed, billed from. It is included with the Pro and Enterprise editions of the Time®, Time®&Money and Time&Space®.

Expenses Entry via PC or MAC.