Why small business does not need to fight new overtime pay rules

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Recent media reports suggest pushback by small businesses against a new federal law making millions of Americans eligible for overtime pay. This transition need not be so difficult for small businesses. What they do need to make this a success, however, is a time tracking system that benefits both employers and staff.

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How to make business expense claims easy and accurate to submit and approve

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Logging business expenses can be laborious and complicated. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you are collecting pieces of paper, spending time logging costs, or wasting minutes and hours remembering names and dates, you should read on.

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How Benjamin Franklin Gave Inspiration to Accurately Track Time and Save Money For Your Business

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There are many variables when it comes to valuing time. Do you value time by hour, by day, or some other value? Do you value that time by employee, by project, by employee on each project, by customer, by date or some combination? To value time accurately, you need cost and charge rates that match the way your organization values time.

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