Outlook shared calendars?

There is a better way to schedule resources

With Whitespace® you can view multiple resources over
multiple weeks, and create views of different resource sets.

You can add customer and project data, custom fields & color coding
to bookings, classify resources by skill, run reports... and it all syncs with Outlook.

Use a tool built for the job.

Outlook is a great personal calendar system, but it is not designed for multi-resource scheduling.

Outlook can display multiple calendars either 1 at a time, a view of 2 or 3 side by side, or by showing appointments for multiple resources in 1 calendar. Each approach is cumbersome and limiting.

Built for the job.
In contrast, WhiteSpace® was designed specifically for multiple resource scheduling, displaying resources as rows not columns, so the days line up vertically for each resource.

Syncs with Outlook
Best of all, WhiteSpace® syncs with Outlook® so your users can carry on using Outlook for what it was designed for – a personal calendar.

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Outlook Shared Calendar

Realistically, you can only view 5 Outlook shared calendars side by side and 1 week at a time.

Resource Scheduling software for Outlook

outlook resource scheduling software system See our outlook and cloud resource scheduling system for more details, also see our cloud timesheet system

Outlook Sync on all Devices.

Bi-directional synchronization with Outlook.

Our customers think it’s magic! As users make appointments, they are visible to schedulers in WhiteSpace®, and vice versa. It really is that easy!

Additionally, our security model can actually protect specific bookings to stop users from editing, deleting or moving appointments – something Outlook itself cannot even do.

Outlook sync is completely seamless to users. There is nothing for users to install and it supports all Outlook clients via Exchange and Office 365 on all devices including iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows phones and tablets.

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Watch the whitespace and wallchart resource scheduling video for more details on the employee scheduling and planning features and functionality available.

Outlook Scheduling App

The Timewatch iPhone resource scheduling app is a beautiful fusion of employee and calendar scheduling and reporting that seamlessly links to Outlook and Office 365.

Tablet scheduling app

Timewatch resource scheduling solutions also support iPad, Android tablets and Surface tablets.

Employee resource scheduling

Our Time&Space solution combines scheduling with time recording to provide a complete Professional Services Automation solution.

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If you have any questions about WhiteSpace® and how it can help your organization, please do not hesitate to ask.

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