Streamlines resource scheduling & planning
We take the complexity out of scheduling with powerful
and configurable tools that help you organize, visualize,
and schedule resources quickly and easily.


Scheduling with Excel or paper?

Whitespace® makes scheduling easy:
- Organization-wide resource scheduling
- View multiple resource calendars side-by-side
- Schedule people, courses, equipment, rooms, anything
- Categorize and organize resources
- Schedule by category, skill, availability and proximity
- Runs on all devices
- Syncs with Outlook & Google Calendars


Scheduling at a glance with WhiteSpace®.

High visibility, high performance, customizable views provide schedulers with everything they need, right at their finger tips.

It all starts with customizable resource ‘Views’ which you configure to show the specific resources or groups you want to see. Next, the View can be color coded to provide instant recognition of who is doing what and when. Real-time resource stats provide the feedback of current and future availability to enable scheduling at a glance.

It’s that easy!

Calendars can be seamlessly synced with Outlook and Google Calendars, include built in resource proximity and route mapping, powerful reporting, and supports PCs, Macs, phones & tablets.

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world’s best resource scheduling system

Our customers tell us that WhiteSpace is the world’s best resource scheduling system.

worlds best resource scheduling system

Fast and Easy to use.

Intuitive and familiar MS-Office look and feel means little or no training is required for end users.

Schedule resource bookings with a start/end time, or project tasks with a duration, total, or percentage time. In addition to specifying the resource(s) to be scheduled, the system supports resource scheduling by the attributes required such as skill, location, language, timezone, proximity, availability etc, the system will then recommend resources that match the criteria.

Editing calendars is simple and easy too: drag and drop bookings, copy, or extend single or multiple bookings, you can even link multiple bookings for multiple resources together and manage them as a group.

If you schedule by skill, WhiteSpace® can ‘persist’ the skill when a booking is moved, ensuring that if you scheduled a ‘brain surgeon’, you can only reallocate to someone with equal or higher skill.


Sync with Outlook on PCs, Phones and Tablets

Unique to WhiteSpace® is our seamless, fully automated, bi-directional, synchronization with Outlook 365 / Exchange.

Syncing Outlook calendars ensures everyone is on the same page so there are no embarrassing booking conflicts. Schedulers know that whatever they schedule is in a user’s Outlook calendar and they can see what users have booked in their own calendar. You can even extend our security model inside Outlook to stop users editing or deleting appointments, something Outlook itself cannot even do.

Outlook sync is completely seamless to users. There is nothing to install in Outlook, and it supports all Outlook clients on PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone.

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Advanced Resource Scheduling Features

Advanced features include mapping, drag and drop, schedule by skill, availability, location etc. You can even link multiple bookings for multiple resources together and manage them as a group.

If you schedule by skill, WhiteSpace® can ‘persist’ the skill of a booking if it needs to be moved to a new resource. For example, if you scheduled a brain surgeon for a task, you’d want to make sure someone with equal or higher skill is assigned to the booking.

Cloud or On-Premise?

The choice is yours. Whitespace resource scheduling software is available in the Cloud or on your servers. You could even start in the Cloud and then move to On-Premise, or vice-versa.

Grow as you grow.

WhiteSpace® is designed to adapt as your needs change: upgrade to a more advanced edition, add more users, or move to Time&Space® to add time tracking, costing, charging and billing.

Multi Platform.

WhiteSpace is 100{86c359b697f1e2747fb9f0c7fee3e46965fedac018665212807581438e16dcef} browser-based and supports all major browsers on PCs, Mac, and Linux, as well as iPhone, Android, and Windows phones and tablets.


All Timewatch® products include a host of self-learning tools to allow customers to learn and implement our solutions themselves. We also provide services such as training, implementation, consultancy, and customization when required.


Three Editions => Price Flexibility.

There are three editions of Whitespace: from the cost effective Essentials edition, to the more powerful and configurable Pro edition, to the Enterprise edition, the ultimate in scalability, performance & flexibility, there is something for everyone.

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Scalable solution

Not quite what you are looking for?

No problem, we have other resource scheduling software options.

If you use Outlook / Outlook 365 / Exchange you can seamlessly sync bookings and Tasks with Outlook.

If you need more power and flexibility, the next step up is our Time&Space® system which incorporates advanced timesheet facilities, expenses entry, cost and charge rating systems to value time and optional multi-currency and billing modules.

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