Is this the world's best timesheet?

If you use Outlook, it is!
OutlookTime® runs inside Outlook and turns appointments into
timesheets. This makes it the fastest, easiest, and most convenient
timesheet it the world.

World’s best timesheet

The best timesheet in the world is probably one you’ve already got, but just don’t realize it. Outlook appointments already holds the data to make up a timesheet, but how do you turn Outlook appointments into timesheets? With OutlookTime®! Also see the free timesheet system from project office live.

OutlookTime® runs within Outlook and allows you to turn Outlook appointments into timesheets, making Outlook the worlds best timesheet, and the fastest timesheet too. OutlookTime® turns outlook appointments into timesheets and Outlook into a timesheet system!
worlds best timesheet. OutlookTime® outlook timesheet. provides Outlook 2016 timesheet and time tracking, Outlook 2013 timesheet and time tracking, Outlook 2010 time tracking and Outlook 2007 time tracking.

Turns Outlook into a Timesheet system!

It sounds too good to be true, but it is true! OutlookTime® turns Outlook appointments and emails into timesheets, and saves users hours each week.

OutlookTime® enhances Outlook to allow you to allocate Customer / Project information to appointments, then post them to your timesheet.

If you use Outlook and need to enter timesheets, you could be saving each user 1-2 hours per week with OutlookTime®, which is perhaps why virtually every customer says OutlookTime® is the best timesheet in the world, and we think you will too.

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World’s best timesheet

OutlookTime turns Outlook appointments into timesheets, and Outlook into a time tracking system. It saves hours each week, is fast, simple and easy to use and runs inside Outlook. This is why we nominate it as the worlds best timesheet.

World’s best iPhone timesheet

We also suggest our iPhone timesheet is the worlds best iPhone timesheet. Why? Because it combines reporting and data entry in a beautiful design that takes full advantage of smartphone touch technology.

Powerful reporting built in.

Not only is it easy to enter timesheets with OutlookTime®, analyzing timesheet data is easy too.

Timesheet data is consolidated from all OutlookTime® users which you can access through a variety of reporting tools. All editions include a library of standard reports which can be viewed, printed, or exported to Excel, PDF, and email.

Pro and Enterprise editions also include our unique drill down reporting tools, automated alerts (such as late or missing timesheets), dashboard reports as well as custom reporting options to allow you to perfectly match your timesheet reporting needs.


Cloud or On-Premise?

The choice is yours. You can even start in the Cloud, then move to On-Premise, or vice versa.

What Versions of Outlook does it Support?

OutlookTime® supports Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 & 2007 for Windows. Unfortunately, Outlook for Mac does not support plug-ins. However, if you use our Scheduling module, we can sync Outlook appointments from any version of Outlook, which users can then import into their timesheet – contact us to learn more.


All Timewatch® products include a host of self-learning tools to allow customers to learn and implement our solutions themselves. We also provide professional services such as training, implementation, consultancy, and customization.

Grow as you grow.

OutlookTime® is highly configurable and designed to adapt as your needs change. Customers can upgrade to a more advanced edition, add optional modules such as expenses, billing and resource scheduling, even alter their configuration or organizational structure on the fly! Contact us to learn more.

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configurable options available
uptime over 2 years

Is Training Included?

All Timewatch® products include a free Learning Center with free training videos, tips and free support center. We also provide professional training and implementation services, which we recommend for Pro and Enterprise systems due to their higher levels of configurability.

Is Support Included?

Yes! All products include a free support center and help desk system built in. Once you have decided upon your configuration and any professional services, we can usually get you up and running the same day.

Can I Try Pro or Enterprise?

Although Outlook time tracking is available in the Pro and Enterprise systems, they are both highly configurable and require knowledge and experience to configure. A blind trial is not applicable. However, we are happy to work with you to review your requirements and configure a system to meet your needs which you can experience in a test drive or demo.

Can we install it on our servers?

Yes. All systems are available in the Cloud or for installation on your own servers.

Can I change editions?

Yes! You can start on one edition then move to another or add or remove optional modules at any time. In this way you can grow your Timewatch system as your business grows.

Are any discounts available?

Yes, there are discounts for one-, two-, and three-year terms, volume discounts on the enterprise range, and we often offer promotions that you may be eligible for. Contact us for details.

Scalable solution

Not what you are looking for?

If you need simple time tracking, take a look at Time®

If you need more power or flexibility, the next step up is our Time®&Money system. This includes advanced timesheet facilities, expenses entry, cost and charge rating systems, and optional multi-currency and billing options.

Learn More about Time® Learn More about Time®&Money

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If you have any questions about Outlook time tracking and how

it can help your organization please do not hesitate to ask.

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